“What do you believe we are most in need of?

“To be understood..”

“Is that the reason we don’t stop talking?”

“Silence, in my opinion, is the wisest course of action.”

Broken hearts, lonely souls, people clinging to life, and those grasping for hope…

They come together on an evening during a house party. The area is filled with closed boxes, each of them resembling secrets we’re afraid to reveal. Closed boxes surround our rooms, homes, and hearts. These are the boxes we are required to carry, and we carry them wherever we go. When getting to know someone, do we have the courage to open these boxes?

The play’s central motif is boxes, symbolizing relationships. Of course, people are the subjects of these connections. The audience is taken on a journey by the performance with boxes, uncovering the secrets we are afraid to tell anybody. Perhaps the moment we look up from our phones to gaze at our loved ones is as close as we get to disclosing the secrets of our lives. It’s possible that there isn’t a difference between us and others who say,

“We can never be together; we are people of different worlds,” and that a mere coincidence can reveal this.

The most sensitive secrets, the most thrilling feelings, and the most personal confessions are shared during the course of Eylül, Ali, and Nice’s nightlong sharing. How will the night continue for Eylül, who no longer wants to be alone; Ali, who fears being alone again; and Nice, who questions the choices made to overcome loneliness?

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Our Team

Duration: 60 min
Single Episode
Age Limit: 16+

Written by: Burcu Görek

Director: Balım Kar and Semih Değirmenci

Cast: Burcu Görek, Dilara Gül, Ekrem Can Arslandağ

Decoration Design: Ilgaz Kasapoğlu

Lighting Design: Selen Çakırhan

Costume Design: Duru Güner

Movement Order: Burcu Brodo

Photography Design: Fethi Karaduman

Photo: Volkan Demir

Poster Design: Bu Kolektif

Directing Assistant: Ege Güneyli

Assistant: İrem Ece Keskin

Producer: Bu Yapım